Class Days Schedule – Skyline

Class Days are opportunities for homeschool students to come together once a week to support and supplement their existing homeschool curriculum. Subjects range from elective courses such as multimedia art and theater to core academic classes such as Apologia biology, chemistry, and physics. Class Days run on a semester basis. The program is designed to be flexible enough to support each family’s individual homeschool needs. Parents are free to drop off children for class days, or they are welcome to stay on campus, observe classes, or connect with other parents in our parent lounge.


2016-17 SCHEDULE:

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*Note – “Combo” denotes two classes split over two semesters


PERIOD 1 10:00 – 10:55

PERIOD 2 11:00 – 11:55 11:55 to 12:30 PERIOD 3 12:30 -1:25

PERIOD 4 1:30 to 2:25


Preschool Co-op

Preschool Co-op    

Note: Choose any class option per period. You do not have to choose all option 1 classes or all option 2 classes, you can mix and match to suit your preference. 

FAQ: “Can you explain how the class options work? Do I have to choose all Option 1 classes or all Option 2 classes? Or can I mix and match?”

UCHE Answer: You do not have to choose all your classes from the same option. For each period, you have the freedom to choose any class you like from any option! For example, for the K-4th grade classes, you may choose “Future Foodies” for your 1st period selection (option 2), followed by “Art/Lego” for your second period selection (option 1), and so on. So, yes, feel free to mix and match.

PE/Elective Track Creative Track LUNCH History/Literature Track

Science Track

Option 1

Archery/All Star Sports PE Combo

Art/LEGO Combo LUNCH Readers’ Theater/Acting Combo

Anatomy/Physiology Combo

Option 2

Future Foodies

Sewing I and 2 Adventure Writing/Poetry Combo

Science Experiments

Option 1 Future Foodies/Street Beats Combo LUNCH Jr. Civics (History Combo Class)


Option 2

Archery/All Star Sports PE Combo

Intro to Painting & Photography Combo Spiritual Formation

General Science

Option 3

Olympic Sports/History

IEW Level B Intensive Intro to Hebrew/British Literature Combo

Study Hall

HIGHSCHOOL – 9th-12th
Option 1

Archery/All Star Sports PE Combo

Intro to Photography LUNCH Physical Science

Driver’s Ed/Leadership Combo

Option 2

Consumer Math/Budget Combo

Intro to Painting Spiritual Formation/Great Books Combo

Study Hall/Ed Ready Math

Note – Schedule subject to change based on enrollment.