Resources for Home Educators

UCHE Academy was established to provide support to Christian home educators with core academic and enrichment courses offered in a classroom community environment. Our program offers many K-12th grade classes in the greater San Diego area each year. Below is a list of resources for parents starting out in the homeschooling journey. Visit the links below for more information, or email us to find out more. You can do it! We are here to help.

Home Education Support Sites and Resources

Statistics on the success of home education (click here)
Tips for getting started on the homeschool journey: (click here)
Tips on homeschooling kids with special needs: (click here)
Staying informed: the global battle for parental rights: (click here)
Getting started with homeschooling (articles and archives from Crosswalk): (click here)
Healthy parent/child attachment article by UCLA’s Dr. Dan Siegel: (click here)
But what about socialization? (click here)
California Department of Education Website: (click here)
Filing a PSP affidavit—tips from the California Homeschool Network: (click here)

National, State, and Local Agencies Supporting the Homeschool Journey:

Curriculum Favorites:

If you have additional resources or sites you’d like to share with new homeschoolers, please email us.