Sample Courses

Homeschool Academies offers a variety of high-quality classes taught by qualified, enthusiastic teachers. Each year, class offerings at UCHE change to correspond with the needs of our families.

The listing below shows the various classes we offer. Note that not all classes are available at all campuses. Please refer to each campus schedule to see what classes are currently being offered.


SAT/College Prep
The college preparatory class will teach high school students basic study skills, Cornell Note-taking methodology, time management, and related expectations in the college classroom. A portion of the semester will also be spent covering preparation tips for the SAT.


Apologia Biology Lab
(High School) Heavily emphasizing the vocabulary of biology, this course provides the student with a strong background in the scientific method, the five-kingdom classification scheme, microscopy, biochemistry, cellular biology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, evolution, dissection, and ecosystems. It also provides a complete survey of the five kingdoms in Creation.
– Expected Homework: 3-5 hours/week.
– Required Textbook: Exploring Creation with Biology (2nd Edition), Wile (2005).
– Additional Material Fee: $30/semester.
Apologia Chemistry Lab
(High School) The course covers significant figures, units, classification, the mole concept, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, acids and bases, redox reactions, solutions, atomic structure, Lewis structures, molecular geometry, the gas laws, and equilibrium. Students who take and understand this course will be very well-prepared for a tough university chemistry course.

– Expected Homework: 3-5 hours/week.
– Required Textbook: Exploring Creation with Chemistry (2nd Edition), Wile (2003).
– Additional Material Fee: $30/semester.
– Prerequisite: Algebra 1

Super Science Experiments
Through a series of hands-on activities, students will be exposed to various concepts related to the physical, earth and life sciences. The scientific method and inquiry will be core components of the course, and students will be encouraged formulate questions, gather data and draw conclusions from the various activities in which they participate.
– Minimal homework.
– Additional Material Fee: $15/semester.

– No textbook required.
Apologia Astronomy
The course will cover all the celestial objects of our solar system, as well as stars, galaxies, and space travel. The course is designed to include elementary grade levels (K-6), with time spent in each in large group setting receiving instruction as well as individual, grade-specific groups. Parental involvement is essential to the success of this course. All readings from the text will be done at home to prepare students for the week’s lesson.
– Textbook: Exploring Creation with Astronomy, Fullbright (2004). – Additional Material Fee: $30/semester.
Apologia Zoology
An elementary level zoology course that introduces the student to the world of swimming animals.  Beginning with an introduction to aquatic animals and their most common habitat: the ocean.  The course then explores the physical characteristics and behavior patterns of aquatic amphibians and reptiles, fish, crustaceans, octopuses, jellyfish, starfish, sponges and tubeworms.  The class is full of hands-on demonstrations and projects to be completed both at home and during class. Readings from the text and notebook activities are to be completed at home prior to each week’s lesson.
– Required Textbook: Exploring Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day, Fullbright (2006).
– Optional Materials: Accompanying Notebooking Journal available from the publisher.– Additional Material Fee: $15/semester. – Required Materials: One 2” three-ring binder.
Apologia Physics
This college-preparatory course will include performing laboratory experiments and extensive problem solving. The course covers speed and velocity, acceleration, free fall, vectors, projectile motion, Newton’s Laws, uniform circular motion and gravity, work and energy, momentum, periodic motion, sound and light waves, geometric optics, Coulomb’s Law and the electric field, electric potential, electric circuits and magnetism. Class time will be used to do all labs, review each module, answer questions from the text, and work problems. Students must have completed high school Algebra 1 and Geometry. – Required Textbook: Exploring Creation with Physics (2nd Ed.) – Additional Material Fee: $30/semester. – Required Materials: Solutions and Test Manual
Intro to Computer Programing
An introduction to computer programming. Course will be taught as a systematic approach to programming using Python with the intent of equipping students with fundamental knowledge to be applied to almost any language.
– Textbook: None.
– Materials: Students will need access to a computer or laptop at home for completing assignments. A laptop is helpful during the class, but is not be required. A thumb drive (memory stick) will be helpful for transferring student programs.


Fine Art
In this Fine Art course, students will be introduced to famous artists and will learn to use different types of media, including acrylics, watercolors, pastels, and ink. By the end of the class, students will have several pieces of completed art that will be featured in the End-of-Semester Art Show. They will also be encourage to enter their art into the Del Mar San Diego Fair. Working on a project at home? No problem! Mentoring will be provided for for any student who might be working on a project at home that needs a little extra coaching. Assistance with high school transcript credit provided for those who would like to include the Fine Arts course on their high school transcript.
– Supply fee: $15.
Intro to Painting
Learn basic painting skills and terminology. Discover proper techniques, color palates, color mixing, and more. Students will learn to use different types of media, including acrylics and watercolors. Featured artwork will be presented in the Semester Showcase. Teacher will notify students of the type of brushes or other materials needed for this class.
Intro to Percussion - Street Beats
Develop a sense of rhythm, learn to read music, and learn to play in a team-based environment with this engaging percussive clinic.
– Materials: 5-gallon paint bucket (from Home Depot) and drum sticks required (size 5B).
Intro to Acting/Theatre
This class will introduce basic theatre concepts in a fun, improvisational fashion. Students learn how to think on their feet, how to create a variety of characters, and how to use their body as an instrument in portraying a character. Students will also be introduced to vocal and articulation techniques and the importance of team cohesiveness to present a believable story to an audience.
Worship Band/Leadership
The worship leading class is intended to help train up the next generation of musicians and worship leaders in the church and community. Students in this class will gain an understanding of the basics of worship leading, including song selection, audience engagement, and verbal communication. Students will learn the full musical arrangements of approximately 6-8 songs per semester. A selection of worship songs will be performed at the student showcase at the end of the semester.

– Materials: Each student must provide his or her own instrument (with the exception of drums) and necessary gear (picks, drum sticks, etc.)
– Prerequisite: This class focuses primarily on electric, acoustic, and bass guitar, drums, keyboards, and vocals. For other instruments, please contact us first for consideration. Each instrumentalist must be able to follow standard chord lead sheets and have basic competency with their instrument. Vocalists must be able to sing confidently and in key.

Junk Drawer Creations
Junk Drawer Creations shows you how to build simple gadgets and toys using items you might find in your home. There are approximately five projects each semester and you will make things like an indoor boomerang, mini stomp rocket, black hole money bank, or a mini paddleboat.

– Supply Fee: $25/semester.

LEGO Creations
Using LEGO bricks, students will learn the basic concepts of creative building. Each week, students will build a theme-based project in a team-based environment, providing design skills and a valuable learning tool for working together in effective teams. Once students master the basic concepts of design, they will be encouraged to improvise on design in a fun and competitive environment within the classroom.

– Supply Fee: $10

Students will learn from an expert seamstress how to make a variety of creative and usable products. Projects vary by semester and may include a doll, a purse, a skirt, and other items of clothing. No sewing machine required, but students must be in 5th grade to register.

Supply Fee: $25

Crafts and Jewelry Making
Learn creative craft and jewelry making skills with ordinary items found around the home. Students will learn to make necklaces, dough art, fabric yo-yos, and many other projects, encouraging creativity and artistic expression.
– Additional Material Fee: $25/semester.
Intro to Art
Learn basic drawing, painting, and pastel skills and terminology. Discover proper pencil techniques, 3D concepts, shading, foreshortening, contour lines, color palettes and mixing, papier mache, and more.

– Supply Fee: $15

We believe that the arts exist to bring glory to God, and this class gives students the opportunity to learn great choral music and perform together as a team.
Dance - Contemporary
This class helps students develop a basic understanding of the foundations of dance, including technique and style. Students will have the opportunity to perform their material at the semester showcase.
Beginning Guitar
The beginning guitar class teaches students the basics of strumming, simple chords, and following along with sheet music. Intermediate level students will develop various strumming patterns, analyze more complex chord structure, and learn to master a contemporary worship song.
– Materials: Students much provide an acoustic guitar (3/4 or larger), a pic, and a guitar tuner.
Intro to Web Design
This class focuses on building a simple website using WordPress. Students will learn: how to establish their own domain name and hosting, how to install WordPress, web templates, and plugins, as well as simple design and layout skills.
– Prerequisite: Students must have a good working knowledge of computers and internet browsing.
– Materials: Each student will need a laptop with a browser (Safari, Explorer, Chrome, etc.) or and iPad. Device must have the ability to connect to the local WIFI (provided).
– Additional Cost: Students will need to purchase a domain name ($10 approx) and monthly hosting ($15 for three months). Both the domain and hosting can be cancelled after the class if desired.


Great Books
In this course, students will experience first hand some of the texts that have been deemed the “great books.” So, what makes a “great book”? Mortimer Adler, editor and founder of the most famous Great Books List, would have a definite answer. According to Adler, great books must meet three criteria: pertinence to contemporary life, worth rereading, and containment of “great ideas.” It is a primary goal of this class is to expose students to the books that have shaped the world as we know it. This course will have several paper assignments, occasional quizzes, study questions, exploration of new vocabulary, weekly discussions, and opportunities for developing critical thinking skills.
Beginning Spanish
This class introduces the wonderful language of Spanish to beginning students through simple conversations, games, and art.
Spanish 1 and 2
This Spanish course is designed to develop oral language skills at the beginning level. Conversations and discussions are the key components. It is not a grammar based course, although grammar will be addressed as applicable. Conversations will be centered on themes using the related vocabulary and expressions thus emphasis will be on listening and speaking.
– Materials needed: binder and paper for note-taking and handouts.
– Recommended book: Spanish/English Dictionary.
– Supply Fee: An e-book fee of $20 applies.

This class is a continuation of Spanish I, offering advanced principles of the language to prepare your student for college-level work in Spanish studies. Conversations, games, and discussions are key components of the lessons.
– Supply Fee: An e-book fee of $20 applies.

Institute for Excellence in Writing - IEW
 Whether your child enjoys writing, dreads it, or is indifferent…IEW is the class for all. This class promises to make writing FUN and stress free.  It may not sound possible, but it is!  Engaging your student, captivating their interest, and encouraging them to write, and teaching them HOW to write is a crucial part of building confidence in their writing.  Join IEW and navigate your child’s creativity through Ancient History-Based writing lessons. In this year-long course students will write about six major ancient civilizations – Sumer, Egypt, Babylon, Greece, and Rome – while working progressively through 9 IEW units and a variety of stylistic techniques.
– Materials: The student workbook is all you will need ($29).  Author Lori Verstegen does a fabulous job of outlining simple step by step instructions to easily assist students in their structure of writing.  (This is also a great supplement to your History curriculum).
American Sign Language
In this course, students will learn to communicate with the deaf community by gaining basic knowledge of the manual alphabet, signs, grammatical structure, deaf culture, facial and body expression, and gestures. Memorization of scripture and worship songs will enhance our learning and glorify God.
Math Games
Math Games is fun learning!  With Math Games, students engage in calculation and computation without even realizing they are actually learning! The games are offered in both team and individual formats, giving a little friendly competition to motivate intrinsic learning. This goal of the class is to foster a love for learning math, allowing children who may have been intimidated by math to conquer that fear and blast through their “math barriers.”
Math Lab
The Math Lab is designed as a tutorial environment for junior and senior high school students to help clarify some of the concepts they may find confusing. Students will bring homework to the lab, and classroom time will be devoted to a combination of topical instruction and individualized tutorial feedback.
Book Reports
Book reports are an excellent way to help students emphasize reading comprehension and conquer any pubic speaking fears or apprehensions they may have. This course teaches students to outline the basic constructs of a story and to present their information in a compelling and confident manner.
American Government/Economics
American Government and Economics is a one-year course devoted to the study of the foundations of the American system of government and economics. Students will learn key principles of the three branches of government, gain an greater understanding of the election process, and learn the roles of the Supreme Court and Congress. in the economics segment, the second semester of the program, students will learn God’s perspective on money and learn to develop the values of stewardship.
Current Events
The current events class is designed to help students maintain an awareness of the events taking place in the world today. Students will read and report on stories from a variety of news sources, Christian and secular, evaluating the impact on their spiritual and social lives.
One Year Adventure Novel
OYAN, the One Year Adventure Novel, is a course that teaches students how to hone their creative skills in order to create an original adventure novel manuscript. Using the video-supported hybrid classroom model, students will learn to outline, peer edit, draft, and finalize an original book. Optional Fee: Students may choose to “publish” their book at the end of the year for an added nominal fee.


KidLead™ Leadership Program
KidLead™ centers its training curriculum on four of the most sought-after leader qualities, focusing on character and competencies (skills). Unlike most leadership programs that focus only on adults, KidLead’s LeadYoung™ training systems target leaders while they’re young and moldable. Many programs talk about leadership, but focus on things unrelated to organizational change or helping teams accomplish what they could not otherwise. KidLead focuses solely on leading. This fifteen week course will focus on how to mobilize teams through Biblical Ethics, Honor, Communication, and Power.
Minecraft Club
Students will join a common server and participate in weekly challenges and/or tutorials. Challenges may include build battles, parkours, or scavenger hunts. Tutorials will include basic building and making redstone inventions.
– Materials: Students are required to bring their computer and have Minecraft downloaded prior to the first day of class.
Spiritual Formation
The spiritual formation class is designed to utilize a small-group format to help students increase their understanding of the Bible and to deepen their walk with Christ. Students will read and discuss various texts, pray for and encourage one another, and reflect on God’s provision and plan for their lives.
Future Foodies
This course is designed with two purposes in mind. First, given the propensity in Western culture for unhealthy eating and a general lack of education about health, nutrition, and personal responsibility, this course purposes to help students discover the most nutrient-rich foods for their particular body types and lifestyles. Second, the course is designed to help students build on that knowledge with creative ideas that that can take home to their own kitchens. Students will need a notebook and a two-pocket folder for storing recipes. Additionally, students will be asked to bring small amounts of various foods to class for cooking. The last class, a creative cook-off, will require that students bring the ingredients for whatever dish they have chosen to create.
– Supply Fee: $20
Christian Martial Arts
Students will learn the martial arts from a Christian perspective. A Karate uniform is not necessary to participate, but standard athletic attire is recommended (students will be barefoot).
– Supply Fee: $30
– Optional Fees: Students can purchase a Karate uniform ($30). Students can opt to test for a belt ($20).
Sports Skills PE
Sports Skills PE classes are designed to assist students in the development of gross motor skills (young learners), an awareness of the need for care of the body as a temple of the Lord, and the development of sports-specific skills. Students will learn basic techniques in a variety of sports, including basketball, volleyball, soccer, and fitness training. No textbook or additional materials required.