Homeschool Open House Event

Join us at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, August 13th for a free homeschool event at Skyline Church! Meet other homeschooling families, chat with UCHE and SDC Youth support class teachers, and hear from a variety of homeschooling parents and leaders, including Nanette Walker, Karen Bousselot, Dr. Lisa Dunne, and CHEA ( Whether you are a […]

Post: Why UCHE? Here Are 5 Benefits!

5 BENEFITS OF JOINING UCHE!   1. Cost - We are affordable! Our families spend an average of only $48 per month for three classes a week per child! 2. Choice - You are free to enroll students for as many or as few classes as you wish. 3. Teachers - We provide quality Christian teachers (many of whom who are […]

Post: Registration Deadline is Approaching!

To ensure that your student’s classes make, please register today, before the July 15th deadline! Don’t delay! July is the month to register your children at UCHE Academy! We are now in the process of confirming all classes on our master schedule for UCHE Skyline. So, ensure that the classes you want your child to take will make, […]

Post: How Homeschoolers Measure Up

Have you ever wondered how homeschoolers measure up in the real world? Well, wonder no more… the facts are in! Check out this great infographic from that gives some fascinating facts about the real success of homeschooling. Source:

Post: The Power of Homeschooling

Are you considering homeschooling or are you new to the homeschooling world? Are you nervous about whether or not you can provide quality education to your child? If so, you’re not alone. It is a common dilemma amongst those who are brand new to educating their children at home to feel like they have just […]